Thursday, 26 February 2009

We all hate the cold

Except Wynn. New Jersey freak that he is, he thinks winter is for playing in the snow, calls freezing your ass off "chilly" and is actually happy in the cold dark grey of winter. I like the summer.

Bird and fish fell in love, moved to Spain and had a child. Poor child is bundled up until he can't move by mom and taken out to play hacky-sack in the snow in baby Birkenstocks by dad. Neither is strictly true, but the critter has a cold. 

His baby instincts are in high gear and he is nursing a ton, hoping the wonderfulness of breast milk will ward off the cold. He has a runny nose, and we respond by blasting the humidifier and playing in the bathroom with the shower running nice and steamy for hours. Poor critter has not seen un-humidified land in days. 

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maria said...

You can take him with you in the shower instead of giving him a bath. It would clean his nose with the shower steam. We do that with our children and Marcos has not caught a cold during this winter. Sometimes they seem to have a cold when a tooth is growing up. Good luck!