Thursday, 27 November 2008

Keeping in touch like it's 2008

Friends and family who live far away want to see the baby. And I want to show off his new tooth, how he stands, the way he laughs. Thanks to Skype we have been able to talk and use video for free for some time now. Still, trying to talk the grandparents through installing it can take some time. Slate has an installation guide for Skype that the uninitiated can follow.

Gmail voice and video essentially works the same way. I prefer it since it seems like less of a commitment: no need to open up a different program to see who's online to have a quick little video conf. The installation process is pretty self explanatory - but I'm still waiting for my mother to catch on.


maria said...

I am Spanish and I live in France, my oldest son (Marcos) is almost 2 years old and we try to see my family in the web cam once a week, Marcos is looking forward to speak with her aunt Marta (who saw for the last time in August) and with the 'abuela' you will be surprise how your kid is going to play and speak with your family with skype. Showing family photos helps to learn him who is who.

Cheli said...

I can't wait! Right now he jsut looks... his abuela puts on a circus trying to engage him adn Lucas just stares... maybe in a few years, like you say... : )