Friday, 2 January 2009

It's no sippy cup

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor's book on life with a toddler is fun but not hilarious. Her sippy cup book was fresh and new, and now the same view is older, less humorous - probably because we're expecting it. Naptime might be a more fun read for those new to Stefanie's sense of humor and lovingly unapologetic "decidedly lazier parenting style".

We still have things in common:

"It just seems like so many toys that are attractive to youngsters have a lot of little parts. I don't know what you can possibly do about it, short of putting orange cones all over the place to indicate a danger zone, or... vaccuming. But that seems a bit extreme."

I agree! Really, I do - just come to over my house and see for yourself. Or ask my son, who picks up lint with his refined little fingers. I choose to ignore the diss on my housekeeping prowess and be proud of his excellent fine motility.

All in all the book is an acceptable read but lacking enough new material or insight to make it seem like a rehash of the first book. If you're a die hard fan it's worth a read, but I definitelly recomend the first one to anyone unfamiliar with her work.

The book ends with Stafanie annoucing that she is having twin girls. Her blog takes up from there.


Stefanie said...

FYI, Stefanie's writing (written - almost -like 99%) a new book which has nothing to do with parenting so it won't feel like a rehash. It comes out in July. And die hard fans and new people alike should enjoy it. Unless they don't like swear words. Then maybe not.

P.S. I kind of agree with what you said but, on the other hand, when you have a toddler, you're not as freaked out as you are when you have a brand new baby so for the writer and reader alike nothing is going to seem as "breakthrough." Or maybe I'm just rationalizing.

Cheli said...

I know! I'm very excited about the new book. All I know is what was "hinted" at on Baby on Bored, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm curious what it will be about... I mean, can anyone write about anything other than babies after procreating? What else is there really?!?!