Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Playing with others and fearful parents

Lucas doesn't go to day care yet (and most likely won't until he's two or eight, depending on when I can handle it, ok?) He spends most of his time with us and his aunts, ie, people who adore the crap out of him and think he is the dog's kahunas.

We hang out regularly with our friend J and his mami. Lucas is older than J by a month. They stare and reach out to touch each other - most of the co-mothering that is required is keeping them from sticking fingers into eyes. When they occasionally reach for the same toy, whoever gets it does and the other doesn't seem to care much.

Yesterday we went over to my friend L's, or, I should say, to 3 year old M's house. Lucas was in awe. He is mesmerized by older kids. Plus, there were trucks! With plastic silver stuff! Plastic balls! Puzzles! Cars! Big trucks! And M jumping around. The little critter was taking it all in, amazed, easy, happy. M got a bit jealous, as was to be expected. He acted on this by taking everything away from Lucas, squishing his hands, pushing him down when he was crawling... None of this bothered Critter McG. Take the cube away? No worries, there's another one here, don't have a cow. Squish my hand? Pf! My mom is sitting right here, I'm ok. That was his attitude, so I didn't make a bigger deal than he did. Man, it was hard. I wanted to push M myself, and I could have, I'm bigger. It's going to be tough letting the bonchibón grow up and deal with things and navigate relationships. Is it really bad if I go with him everywhere? Forever? Or until he starts dating? We can go anywhere he wants.

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