Tuesday, 27 January 2009

You and me at 8 months: oh the anxiety

Separation anxiety hits you unexpectedly. You thought you could walk over and turn the music on all by yourself. Well, you can't. The critter yelps, crawls over, and hugs your leg. (I know, it's insanely adorable. The leg hugging is why I had kids in the first place.) Now try leaving the house sans critterness. Haha, fooled ya.

Actually it's not so bad. Lucas is still happy with any of his familiar caregivers. Sometimes he is a bit clingy- but we all have our days. His reaction to strangers is changing though. A friend's dad, whom Lucas knows but hadn't seen in a while, picked him up and started playing him. Instead of laughing, Lucas was disconcerted and bordeline upset. Dad friend shouldn't have skipped the Hey, Lucas, remember me? Want to play? Let's see if you want to come over here... We're not so easy going whatever you like anymore. Well, good for you Critter McG!

We'll see if separation anxiety worsens later for Lucas. All I have to say is that my separation threshold is about an hour long. I can do longer than that, but not quite so happy. Separation anxiety is a two way street, and we can't all be as cool as the bonchibón.

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