Monday, 26 January 2009

The secret is...


It's where the cool kids hang. And where mamas touch base.

Playgroups, Mommy and Me, etc... in my mind, they had become a teasing urban legend. They don't abound here in Madrid. They don't exist. They don't have them. There's daycare and maids and an odd grandma here and there. There's you in the afternoon, at 6, after the 3/4 day of work at the office. And I suppose there's Baby Einstein. 

But the idyllic baby-proofed room, with soft baby music (windchimes, maybe), blankets on the floor and other chatty and equally relaxed mothers in their socks... it exists! Thanks to Kids in Madrid and Mum Abroad I am infiltrating my way into a community of playgroups and activities for little kiddies. I knew I wan't the only one.             

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