Friday, 30 January 2009

No, Maisy, noooooo!!!!

Lucas's favorite book right now is ¿Dónde se esconde Maisy? (We got the translation.. I know, we're lazy and horrible.) He lifts all the flaps and he gets super excited when he hears "toc toc" lifts the flap and (spoiler alert) "es Maisy!". 

We took ¿Dónde vive Maisy? out of the library, which we haven't read as much yet but I'm sure will be equally engrossing.

We read along, looking for Maisy, lifting flaps and finding that "No! Aquí no está Maisy". Every time it's "no she doesn't live here" or "no, she's not hiding here". I take issue with that. As as mother who is trying to impress the notion of "no" on her young'un I try not to overuse the word, to use it with precision and intent, not too often and not too sternly, hoping, with time, it will come to elicit specific behavior (other than mischievous smiles). I take offense that Maisy uses it willy-nilly. So we end up improvising and not reading the overused "no". Lucas gets a translated, edited Maisy- far from the original work. 

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